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1st Airing: 3/30/13
2nd Airing: 9/28/13

Steve Earle

Michael Perry

Steve Earle is a true American singer-songwriter, record producer, author and actor. Earle grew up near San Antonio, Texas, and began learning the guitar at age 11. Earle began his career as a songwriter in Nashville and released his first EP in 1982. His breakthrough album was the 1986 Guitar Town. Since then Earle has released 13 other studio albums and received three Grammy awards. His songs have been recorded by Travis Tritt, Vince Gill, Shawn Colvin and Emmylou Harris.

Program Notes

Backstage Monologue
In this episode’s monologue – delivered from the backstage dressing room with the one lonely little lightbulb burnin’ – Mike tells the tale of the time he hollered at Steve Earle.


00:00:00 Ballyhoo by BCO
00:00:03 Welcome to Tent Show Radio
00:00:43 Michael Perry Welcome
00:02:01 Perry welcomes Steve Earle

00:03:06 Steve Earle Set #1
Song 1 – Waitin’ On The Sky
Song 2 – Little Emperor
Song 3 – The Gulf Of Mexico
Song 4 – Every Part Of Me
Song 5 – Telephone Road
Song 6 – My Old Friend The Blues
Song 7 – Guitar Town

00:30:14 Station ID

00:30:22 Banjo Birds
00:30:30 Welcome back – Michael Perry Monologue

00:34:26 Welcome back Steve Earle Set #2
Song 8 – Galway Girl
Song 9 – Hardcore Troubadour
Song 10 – God Is God
Song 11 – Mountain Song
Song 12 – Tom Ames Prayer

00:54:30 Hobo Blues by BCO
00:55:32 TSR Credits
00:56:41 Michael Perry farewell
00:59:00 END

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