This Week on TSR: Meg Hutchinson

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1st Airing: 1/26/13
2nd Airing: 7/27/13

Meg Hutchinson

Michael Perry[/one_third]
[two_third_last]On the road from Boston, Massachusetts comes moody songstress Meg Hutchinson. She attributes having grown up in the Berkshires, mountains, woods and ponds along with songwriters she listened to like Greg Brown and Joni Mitchell as some of her main influences. After graduating from college with a degree in creative writing, she quit her longtime job as a lettuce farmer and moved to Boston performing at pubs,, coffeehouses and subway train stations and began competing in songwriting competitions around the country. Most notably where she won awards at Merlefest in North Carolina and the Telluride Troubadour Songwriter’s Showcase in Colorado.[/two_third_last]




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Backstage Monologue
In this episode’s monologue – delivered from the backstage dressing room with the one lonely little lightbulb burnin’ – Mike talks about how he both fights and celebrates light pollution on the back forty.


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