Tent Show Radio: Shanties & Shipwreck

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1st Airing: 6/6/15
2nd Airing: 11/21/15

Shanties & Shipwrecks

Michael Perry

Come sail the Great Lakes and the 7 Seas with Big Top Chautauqua’s Blue Canvas Orchestra. Shanties & Shipwrecks draws on the bountiful collection of sea shanties, sailing songs and rowdy sailors-in-port songs that have come down through time from those that roamed the great waters aboard vessels of wood with canvas sails. Of course not all of the wayfaring men returned to dry land. Hear and see their tales in song, story and big screen pictures. New in 2014, Shanties & Shipwrecks was an audience favorite — rousing and wildly entertaining! Go to www.bigtop.org for this season’s show schedule up at the tent.





Program Notes Backstage Monologue

In this episode’s monologue – delivered from the backstage dressing room with the one lonely little lightbulb burnin’ Mike reports on selfie sticks and a bad case of creeping codgerism.


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