Tent Show Radio: Live from the Stoughton Opera House

Tent Show Radio: Live from the Stoughton Opera House

Broadcast Schedule

1st Airing: 2/15/14
2nd Airing: 8/16/14

Barbara Jean

Michael Perry

Barbara Jean grew up immersed in a world of music. Inheriting a musical legacy passed from grandmother to mother to daughter, she honed her early gift for the violin into a sharp eye for songwriting and a skilled hand as a multi-instrumentalist playing banjo, fiddle and viola. Calling Minnesota’s North Shore home for the better part of the last decade Barbara Jean crafted her debut record, The Great Escape, which brings together rich imagery from Lake Superior’s rugged banks, reflections on difficult choices poised in matters of the heart, and masterful musicianship. Her Midwestern roots run like a strong current throughout her sound.

Program Notes

Backstage Monologue
In this episode’s monologue – delivered from the backstage dressing room with the one lonely little lightbulb burnin’ –  Mike talks about the Winter Olympics.


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