Tent Show Radio: The Bodeans

Tent Show Radio: The Bodeans

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1st Airing: 1/12/14
2nd Airing: 7/12/14


Michael Perry

Formed in Waukesha, Wisconsin in the “early Bodeans days” and following their critically acclaimed debut Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams, in January 1987, a Rolling Stone reader poll voted them Best New American Band.   10 records later and they are back performing for a second time on the Big Top stage, as tight, sharp and sing-a-long-able as ever, touring their recent 2012 release “American Made” in their one-of-a-kind, recognizable blues, country, rock and soulful way!

Backstage Monologue

In this episode’s monologue – delivered from the backstage dressing room with the one lonely little lightbulb burnin’ – Mike manages to avoid getting beat up at the class reunion.


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